15 of the Best Black-Owned Vintage Shops

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For us here at Dendwell, every month is Black History Month. As a Black woman-owned brand, we understand too well the need to amplify Black voices that have traditionally been excluded from the home category. We’re also big-time proponents of the more is more ideology: Diversifying your vintage shopping habits will make for an infinitely more intricate and beautiful home. In this spirit, we’d love to take an opportunity to uplift the Black collectors and curators who are our muses, and who hold up and enrich our vintage seller community with their style, vitality, and vision.

Keep scrolling for Black vintage sellers you should know about — and shop from all year round.

Amo Domus (Chicago, IL)

Kadeeja Best of Amo Domus and Dendwell

We may have never loved a shop more. Chicago-based Amo Domus is owned by Kadeeja Best, who brings a drama, dynamism, and romance to her pieces and her collection, helping her customers bring deep meaning into their spaces. Kadeeja is also a champion for vintage sellers, actively facilitating seller community over competition with her Shop Talks and support. Read our feature of Kadeeja Best here.

Badlands Vintage (Oceanside, CA)

Brittany Joseph of Badlands Vintage

Brittany Joseph fills her shop along the Coast Highway between San Diego and Los Angeles with chic mid-century and postmodern finds — all with a touch of glamour that feels not at all unrelated to her background in fashion.

Denniston House (Washington, D.C.)

The wares found in Joilyn Jackson’s DC-based shop would bring cool, calm and nostalgia into any space, as her shop Denniston House seems to be at the exact intersection between staples and stand-out objects. Jackson curates an artisanal and poetic selection of objects in dulcet tones that evoke the intimacy of personal space.

Dodo Bazaar (Montréal, QC)

Laëtitia Damonsing of Dodo Bazaar, photographed by Alpha Estifanos for Lisa Says Gah!

Laëtitia Damonsing draws from her Mauritian-Canadian roots to serve an elevated and eclectic selection of wares, visualized through her lens of humor and sensuality. Laë Laë’s collection of Murano mushroom lamps is so extensive, she pretty much put this vintage it-item on the map.

Ebb & Iv Vintage (Nashville, TN)

Alisa Jernigan of Ebb & Iv Vintage

This Nashville-based shop hosts an unbelievable array of primitive, mid-century, and postmodern wares large and small. Curated by Alisa Jernigan with impeccable style, you’re sure to find a statement.

The Fetish Priest (NY, NY)

Judging by his Instagram and website, the founder of The Fetish Priest is a visual artist who also happens to sell Italian, 20th century designs set to a soundtrack of Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross. The Fetish Priest has earned itself a cult following for its mystique, sleek presentation, its innovative use of Instagram highlights to mark inventory, exclusive content and deals for their ‘Close Friends’ list, and iconic selection.

Lichen NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

Ed Be and Jared Blake of Lichen

Ed Be and Jared Blake’s meet-cute is the stuff of vintage selling legend: the two met up for a Craigslist transaction and swapped stories of iconic, coveted design and a friendship and business partnership was born. Their shared shop is a design incubator and hub, offering coffee and A Nice Place to Sit Down amongst classic designs to the East Williamsburg community.

Loft and Thought (Clearwater, FL)

Carmen Nash of Loft and Thought, photographed by Kayla Mendez

To shop Loft and Thought is to be filled with the rhythm of undulating curves on wood and the staccato of mosaic detail — it’s a musical experience! This is no doubt thanks to the curation of Carmen Nash, interior designer, artist, and vintage seller.

make it look good. (Brooklyn, NY)

Krystal of make it look good.

Introducing the new guard of vintage shops: With make it look good., Krystal offers an edgy and elevated selection of objects in high-quality materials out of Brooklyn. Come for the glossy black pottery and glass, stay for the best collection of coffee table books.

Midnight Home (Jersey City, NJ)

Chalisse Burrell of Midnight Home, photographed by Triforce Media NJ

Midnight Home owner Chalisse Burrell is an actual metalworker whose expertise gives her an eye for objects with edge and earthiness. Midnight Home combines folk, avant garde and contemporary pieces for a truly one-of-a-kind collection.

Nia y Marcelo (Seattle, WA)

Andréa Machado of Nia y Marcelo

Specializing in smalls in fruit-punch bold shape and color, Seattle’s Nia y Marcelo has objects we have been truly surprised by. Frothy, joyful items fill this AfroLatinx shop, each with moxie that says “I got it from Nia y Marcelo.”

Pretty Space Happy Face (Brooklyn, NY)

Alex Berrocal of Pretty Space Happy Face

Brooklyn-based content creator, model, and vintage seller Alex Berrocal brings ethereal lightness and beauty to her curation of smalls. We look to Pretty Space Happy Face for elevated glassware in the dreamiest colors. Read our feature of Alex Berrocal here.

Savoy’s Objects (NY, NY)

Reegan Houston of Savoy's Objects

Founder Reegan Houston infuses each Savoy’s Objects collection with 70s music, Black femininity, Blackploitation films, psychedelia, and narrative. Her limited release, rare and highly-edited collections —each paired with a playlist— immerse the vintage collector in the rich and retro history of every piece. Read our feature of Reegan Houston here.

Sojourn Vintage (Long Beach, CA)

Natalie Warne of Sojourn Vintage, photographed by Johannes Oberman

Sojourn Vintage features global eclectic, vintage modern furnishings geared towards preservation and celebration of vintage modern design made by all, for all. Owner and Curator Natalie Warne channels her activism, experience as a professional public speaker, and storytelling chops into Sojourn Vintage.

Soleil Monét (Los Angeles)

Deirdra Pettigrue of Soleil Monét, photographed by Prateek Bhatnagar

Talk about good vibes and bright energy: Soleil Monét is owned and operated by Deirdra Pettigrue, who infuses her cool collection with luscious color and a point of view on vintage wares that demonstrates she really knows where to find the diamond in the rough, emphasizing glassware and unexpected smalls.

Lead image photography by Joilyn Jackson of Denniston House


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