Home is a Process with Alex Berrocal of Pretty Space Happy Face

A Seller's Eye

Julian Wright

There’s something ethereal about Pretty Space Happy Face.

Alex Berrocal probably would say it’s the “elevated glasswares with a focus on dreamy colors and unique shapes” that she primarily offers on her vintage shop based in Brooklyn — selling online via Instagram, Etsy, and in person at Seven Wonders Collective in Williamsburg. Pretty Space Happy Face was born out of Alex’s need for a creative outlet during the pandemic. She was looking for a way to “share the many beautiful vintage homewares [she] came across while shopping for [her] own home.”

“I’ve always loved vintage in general whether it be clothing, art, furniture, etc.,” Alex said. “I’ve never really loved to wear or have the same things that everyone else does so I think that’s why I quite like vintage. It’s so unique. I pride myself in curating a space that is unique to my own taste and not just trendy.”

Instead of following trends, Alex follows the inspiration of the 1960s-1980s. “I don't think I have one particular style but I am very drawn to bold shapes and colors. Many elements of Memphis style definitely have my heart,” she said. These interests are evident on Pretty Space Happy Face’s Instagram profile. The shapes feel fun and the colors come across as unassumingly cool and eye-catching at the same time, no easy feat. 

Maybe it’s Alex’s love for sourcing that gives her shop a refreshing spark. As long as she can store it, she’ll buy it. That is, of course, if it makes her feel some type of way. “To me, a piece is worth buying if it literally makes me happy when I look at it. I think that’s the type of emotion that any piece you buy should evoke,” she said. “In doing this, I think this ensures more thoughtful shopping and less waste. The more you love something, the less likely you are to want to replace it with something new so quickly.”

It’s not necessarily bad to replace something quickly, it’s just not necessary (especially if you buy vintage). Alex would say vintage is not only a reliable source to purchase high-quality home decor, but also a resource to help introduce personality and character into your space. Decorating from typical retailers will almost always leave your place looking less unique than a vintage collection, uniquely curated with who you are and what you love as the paramount inspiration. 

“Buying vintage for your home is a process. It can sometimes take awhile to find the piece you're looking for but it's well worth the wait and the investment,”

— Alex Berrocal

Julian is an independent contributor at Dendwell.
Photos by Alex Berrocal


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