What Do I Do With My Tile Table?

Is this a thing?

Jenna Hochman

Unless you're Pamela Anderson and have left social media to read and be in nature, you've likely seen tiled cubes on your feed. Hell, you might be sitting across from one right now.

A little background: Descended from Superstudio's Quaderna table (c. 1966), Copenhagen's Ikon revived ceramic tile furniture in Scandi, pastel fashion, making their splash with console tables for Saks Potts' offices and pop-ups in 2016. Not long after, emerging designers like Good Behavior, From Willow, Ktown Corner Store, and Occasional Pieces offered ceramic tiled furniture at a more accessible price-point, officially unleashing this Trend with a capital T. When Zoomers began caulking squares and their DIY TikToks became as pervasive on the app as generational emoji use discourse, I knew tiles had entered the homes of the masses.

Superstudio's Quaderna, 1970
Saks Potts' Office, featuring Ikon console

What makes ceramic tiled furniture so covetable? It could be the material's stylistic flexibility; the uniform tiled squares make a grid that makes a sharp, geometric statement while still cohering with a number of interior design styles. There's also something vaguely Mediterranean about the presence of tiles in rooms other than the bathroom or kitchen. Ultimately, the durability and easy-to-clean surface makes the case for ceramic tile's ubiquity.

It's this physical longevity that has me thinking the tile trend could stick around, however in new emerging forms.⁠⁠ We're calling it: the next phase of the craze is all about personalization, whether that's substituting ceramic for another material or pattern, or just adding hand-painted modifications.

Keep scrolling for ideas to personalize your tile decor.

UK-based Fayre and Square leans further into a Mediterranean seaside vibe with patterned tile selection. The pronounced cement grout is a subtle detail that lends this cube a bold silhouette.

Maude Smith's botanical tiles
Charlotte Alldis custom-painted P0LY pillar
Hand-painted detailing on ceramic produces a bohemian and cottage-y feel that coincides with 2021's 70s style upswing. If you're beginning to tire of your 2020 tile decor, this is a way to breathe new life into the object!

The tiled cube in my personal collection was made by Ktown Corner Store, an LA shop that specializes in tiled and acrylic tables and shelving. It's thrilling to see the beginnings of new table shapes. 👀 Something to watch!

The next direction for tiling: collected, natural materials for inlay. Seen here: Ficus Interfaith using mosaic application of shell inlay to create an illustrative terrazzo. Chef's kiss!

These marble floors of Villa Borsani make the definitive case for patterned stone tiles. To get the look for less, search "wavy adhesive tiles".

What do you think, is the tile decor craze is here to stay?

Jenna is the Content Lead at Dendwell.


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