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Jenna Hochman

Gift-giving is a love language, and each year the holiday season is its Olympic Games. This year’s celebrations come with some unique challenges, including a global supply chain jam which complicates the timeliness and availability of holiday gatherings, supplies and gifts. To give only one-of-a-kind gifts this year and bypass these difficulties, we’ve decided to bestow vintage heirlooms on our loved ones — and we’re happy to share our findings.

The gift of vintage home decor shows warmth and care; it’s as rare a gift as your relationship and communicates intimacy. An object you can’t find just anywhere carries with it a spirit of ephemera, which feels all the more festive and seasonally apropos when compared to a Strategist-picked bath tray from Amazon. But be mindful: For thrifted items, returns are typically a no-no, so your selection has to be top notch.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of gleaming gifts to please every person on your list. Most items are vintage or secondhand, while others are limited edition or else from small, independent operations. All are sure to make your gift recipient’s home warm and bright for the holidays.

For The Host

Say thank you for the invite to their holiday soiree with these objects when a bushel of bodega flowers won’t do. Keep the decor neutral-toned and in luscious materials to enhance (but not overpower!) their established ambiance.

Capiz shell bowl via Sequence Home Supply

Mother of Pearl napkin rings via Revel Interiors

Malaika Cairo folk art embroidered placemat via Lost and Found Shop

For The Art Ho

The artist draws inspiration from all around them, soaking up detail and color like a sponge. Choose pieces that serve as paint for your recipient’s home canvas and get their creative juices flowing.

Van Gogh and Gaugin art book via Amo Domus
Candles that look like oil pastels via Crying Clover Candles
A Joan Miró inspired bowl via Villa Object

For the Design Fiend

They get their morning coffee at Lichen NYC, were first in line for the Gaetano Pesce exhibition, and spend their weekends at the Noguchi Museum. Give this person an object with a bold form to say you revere their taste in design.

Cobalt blue Murano footed bowl via Memento Assemblage

C.N Burnham mushroom lamp via Le Centerpiece
Yowie stationary inspired by Ettore Sottsass’s Ultrafragola mirror via Yowie

For The Luxuriant

Who among us couldn’t stand a little R&R this Winter? For the Mom Friend who reminds everyone to drink a glass of water with every dirty martini (and may also be your actual Mom!), your busiest friend with whom every lunch has been a co-working session of late, or even the Taurus who has no trouble scheduling self care — give the gift of luxury and indulgence.

Mexican punched tin candleholder via Most Home Shop

Sterling silver wine bottle coasters via Makié
'90s postmodern style ceramic mugs via Carefully Curated NYC

For the Traveler

Here’s a person whose favorite room in the house is (checks notes) …the one nearest the door. Thank your well-traveled loved one for always bringing you back something from their travels by equipping them for their next adventure.

Baba Tree Bicycle Basket via Goodee

Tsubota Pearl lighter via My Pretty Bits

Hand-crafted patchwork style blanket or wall tapestry via Prairie Wolf & Company

For the Foodie

At your last dinner, they told you over oysters and fries that their idea of luxury is a specific tool for every kitchen function. Show them you were listening and inch them closer to their gastronomic goal with your gift.

Stacked oil and vinegar via Undisclosed

Antique French butter mold via Etagere NYC

Modernist pewter salad servers via Quite Nice

For the Style Savant 

It’s a misconception that the stylish want you to shop for them — they know best what they want and exactly when it’ll land in their closet. For the person who texted you that Daniel Lee was leaving Bottega Veneta, find vessels for them to store and display accessories.

Wooden turn table via Misijos

1930s lilac painted mirror via Dream Decor

Wavy stone catchall via Curated Objects

For the Bookworm

They always have the best book recs, which is why you don’t mind when they crack one open on the subway you share home. Two ways to show the bookworm you’re thinking of them this season: purchase a book from their Goodreads ‘Want To Read’ list, or proffer them one of the items below.

1970s Raul Barbieri and Giorgio Marianelli for REXITE bookend via Franz’s Favorites

A sinuous wicker mounted magazine rack via Betsu Studio

Stone tangram puzzle of Celestine, Serpentine, Jasper, and Soapstone via Casa Shop
Jenna is the Content Lead at Dendwell.
Vintage glass catchalls from Soga Vintage.


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