Commercialism in design often associated the mass production of objects. Designers must create multiple iterations of the product that consider the form, function, and overall aesthetic before they can be manufactured for mass consumption. Commercial interior design spaces included public spaces like school, banks, and government buildings. These spaces must be functional for the people using the area on a daily basis.


Jack Light

Tom Dixon

Felt Chair

Marc Newson

Salt Chair

Tom Kelley

Magis Spun Chair

Thomas Heatherwick

Kaleido Trays

Clara von Zweigbergk

Barbie Doll

Ruth Handler


Earl Tupper

Duralex Picardie Tumblers



Eugene Sullivan

American Modern Line

Russel Wright

Fiesta Tableware

Frederick Hurten Rhead

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Our spaces are reflections of who we have been, who we are, and who we are becoming. We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with have meaningful impact on the lives we lead, and it is our mission to empower people to find and experiment with objects that move them, resourcefully, sustainably, and freely.